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Open Call: Sam Miller’s Book 6 months ago

For the occasion of A Celebration of the Life of Sam Miller at Danspace Project on September 15, we’re asking absolutely everyone to share writing about Sam; thoughts, memories, poems, life changing Sam stuff…from the mundane to the magnificent. These memories will be included in an… Read more

It's Member Month! All Danspace Project members get a gift card to Fresco Gelateria at the box office this November & December. End the year with a show and espresso, sorbet, or gelato on us. Not a member yet? Join now!

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“Diaspora is not this little thing—speaking historically, choreographically, politically. I wanted to place my own Diasporas alongside those of the Danspace Project.” -Reggie Wilson Paperback: 195 pages Size: 7 x 10 x 1 in Published: 2018 Edited by Lydia Bell, Kristin Juarez, and Reggie… Read more

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