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Catalog as Zine as Tome


  by Alex Fialho   For our purposes, this catalogue has to a greater or lesser extent been shaped by the aesthetics of the zine. We offer a tumble of texts and images from our generous contributors—reprints, originals, poems, photos… Read more

Congratulations Eiko!

Eiko performing outside Middle Collegiate Church. Photo: Judy Hussie-Taylor.

Congratulations to Eiko Otake on the Special Citation Award from the Bessies Selection Committee for your Platform 2016: A Body in Places “exhibition unfolding over six weeks” at Danspace Project. The ​Special ​Bessies’ citation​ for Eiko’s “Platform 2016: A Body… Read more

Writer-in-residence Sam Miller responds to An Evening with Margaret Leng Tan, Valda Setterfield, and Forrest Gander (3/15), Eiko Solo #13 (3/16), Eiko Solo #15 (3/18), Talking Duets: #2 (3/19), and Eiko Solo #16

Part 8 “not that theories are not beautiful, but that they are feeble” C.D. Wright     Installation St. Marks Church (March 15) D is for Dance Discipline Devotion Says Merce Through Valda An art process is not necessarily a… Read more

Writer-in-Residence Sam Miller responds to Precarious #2: Guest Solos (3/5), Maria Hassabi’s Plastic at MoMA (3/7), and Eiko Solo #7 (3/8)

Writer-in-Residence Sam Miller responds to Precarious #2: Guest Solos (3/5), Maria Hassabi’s Plastic at MoMA (3/7), and Eiko Solo #7 (3/8).   Part 4 “I don’t know if I am trying to do something new, but I know that I am trying to… Read more