John J. Zullo

John J. Zullo


John J. Zullo Dance/Raw Movement

September 19-21, 2013
Thursday-Saturday at 8:00PM
$20 General / $15 Danspace members

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DANCE: Access is a self-produced series administered by Danspace Project.

"A fresh choreographic voice...There is no article in John's style..."-Philip Garner, Oberon's Grove

John J Zullo Dance/Raw Movement, led by NYC-based choreographer John J. Zullo, seeks to explore ideas from our cultural landscape and transform them into works that are expressive, imaginative, and kinetic. The company strives to create and share these dances in the hope of eliciting an emotional response to a movement-based experience. This evening includes works from the company’s repertory, ALL what THIS do HAS you HAPPENED see? BEFORE, plus the World Premieres of this Exquisite diversion/mysterious Skin and project Xiii.

ALL what THIS do HAS you HAPPENED see? BEFORE explores perception, perspective, the insistence of memory and the inevitability of repetition. Movements are repeated, constructed, and then deconstructed, rearranged, and viewed from different angles shifting the perspective to create something familiar yet new. The work creates a clear space for the action to unfold as the audience is invited to watch the work from any side of the space, as well as from within. The music includes works by Monolake, Ludovico Einaudi, David Lynch, and Autechre. Costume design by Hector Perez.

this Exquisite diversion/mysterious Skin delves into the physical manifestation of extreme psychological experiences. Scott Heim’s novel “Mysterious Skin,” in which two young boys are sexually exploited and assaulted, serves as both map and compass for the work. As described by Philip Garder of Oberon's Grove, “The dancers knot up in intense pairings..., maintaining individuality in this dark collective. The piece, with evocative lighting, has a restless, brooding and ultimately sensual quality.” Live performance by singer Jessie Davis. Sound score by David Englehard includes Olafur Arnalds, Max Richter, and Deru.

project Xiii is based on one 60 second phrase of movement with 12 solo variations with dancers from Raw Movement as well as esteemed colleagues and choreographers with whom Zullo has worked over the past 2 decades. Each artist performs a movement variation from the original phrase to their own 60 second piece of music. A clock in the center of the stage counts down the piece from 13 to 0, invoking variations in space and time and the ephemerality of performance. An accompanying sound score is comprised of 13 sixty second music selections chosen by each artist.

Lighting Design by Mark Simpson, Set Decor by Lily Meyer and Zullo. Costumes by Zullo.

Raw Movement Company Dancers: Bong Ian Dizon, Kat Ellis, Mike Hodge, Jenna Liberati, Alex Martin, Olivia Orozco, Tyler Patterson.

Guest Performers: Barry Blumenfeld, Maria Breza, Chris Masters, Jeff Davis, Mary Madsen, Jeff Rebudal.