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Claudia La Rocco follows Retro(intro)spective in The New York Times

Claudia La Rocco has been following PLATFORM 2011 Susan Rethorst: Retro(intro)spective. Here’s her New York Times Critics Notebook documenting the beginning events through last week’s revival of Rethorst’s Beau Regard. Join us for the premiere of 208 East Broadway Part 3: Over and Out on June 14, 16, & 17!

The New York Times
Critic’s Notebook
How Does a Choreographer Create Art? Day by Ho-Hum Day
June 7, 2011

The movies like to present portraits of artists who create great works all at once, driven to some sort of divine (perhaps substance-enhanced) frenzy in the dark hours of the night. But anybody who has ever really engineered something, be it a table or a painting or a dinner party, on some level understands that this isn’t the way it happens for most of us — even those residing in that dubious category, “genius.” In her fine 2003 essay “Dailiness,” in an anthology, “Choreographic Encounters,” the choreographer Susan Rethorst muses on the day-by-day practice of dance making.

“It comes along when it comes along,” she writes. “In the meantime you have to be in there, trying a bit of this and a bit of that, and staying with all those semi-moments, all those ho-hum kinda moments, trying something else and doing it over, and working, but also waiting. You have to keep yourself available, keep the work available, and work up to those whamo times, then with them, also after them, till the next, till the whole thing takes off, tells you it is.”

For the last month Ms. Rethorst’s particular, and particularly sublime, form of dailiness has been happening in St. Mark’s Church, during Susan Rethorst: Retro(intro)spective, Danspace Project’s latest Platform series. Devised by Danspace’s guest curator, the choreographer Melinda Ring, the Rethorst series includes marathon conversations, open rehearsals, revivals and, in the next week’s culminating events, two new works. Read the full Critics Notebook here

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