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Ted Kerr

Catalog as Zine as Tome


  by Alex Fialho   For our purposes, this catalogue has to a greater or lesser extent been shaped by the aesthetics of the zine. We offer a tumble of texts and images from our generous contributors—reprints, originals, poems, photos… Read more

A Clear and Present Danger: “HIV/AIDS Now” in the Era of President Trump?

"A Matter of Urgency and Agency: HIV/AIDS Now" panel at The Center for the Humanities, CUNY, November 10, 2016. Panel l-r: Jaime Shearn Coan, Kenyon Farrow, Ted Kerr, iele paloumpis, Jawanza James Williams, Robert Sember. Photo: Lily Cohen.

  by Alex Fialho   “What happens to health care, housing, culture and other basic needs for survival after inauguration?” Curator and organizer Ted Kerr projected this and many other pressing questions during his presentation for Danspace Project’s Platform 2016:… Read more